Palermo Sociedad Portuaria, servicios nauticos, manipulación, transporte y fletes terrestres.
In the Coremar Group family, we want our team to develop activities safely. We ensure the integrity of people, equipment, facilities, and the wise and friendly use of natural resources. We create a sense of belonging, reaching responsible the business goals.

Health for our workers

It is a goal of Coremar Group to ensure the health and safety of their workers, so it has programs aimed at improving and monitoring. Programs to workers and their families
Industrial Safety
In each of the business units we maintain the highest standards of security to the attention of fire, evacuation, and any emergency in each of its RR and facilities.
Environmental Safety
It is our responsibility and commitment at Coremar Group, to continuously educate their employees on environmental issues in relation to the care of resources and their contribution to care for Mother Earth.
BRISA Program
This program aims to generate HSEQ culture at all levels of the organization. We seek to build welfare for all staff.
bienestar (welfare)
responsabilidad (responsibility)
integridad (integrity)
seguridad (security)
ambiente (environment)