Palermo Sociedad Portuaria, servicios nauticos, manipulación, transporte y fletes terrestres.
Palermo Port Society offers importers, exporters and owners a state of the art infrastructure, with wide space for storage, being one of the only ports to account for a complete new design with the highest quality standards.

Current Infrastructure

  • 308 linear meters of dock
  • 6,000 psi of port plate
  • 10 hectares enabled for storage on open space
  • 2 multipurpose warehouses of 1,500 m2 each
  • A warehouse of 1,500 m2 for general cargo
  • Logistics Centre for trucks with service station

Competitive Advantages

  • Personalized Sevice 24/7
  • New Infrastructure build with the highest standards
  • Highly qualified and experienced personnel
  • Direct access to main roadways without crossing big cities
  • Near the most important cities of the Colombian Coast
  • On the Magdalena River, the only navigable route to the interior of Colombia
  • No expansion limits because of its vast territory still untouched
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