Infrastructure to Support the Bulk Industry

Palermo Port Society counts with a wide range of infrastructure to be able to control, store and distribute for the bulk industry. It also has a privileged location because it is close to the main roads of Colombia.


Logistics Advantage

  • Competitive download rates
  • Exclusive areas within the port to handle the bulk sector
  • Internal short circuits within the port
  • High health standards
  • Inventory Management and development of real-time operations
  • Security in freight forwarding, directly connecting load corridor highway that goes into the country
  • Weekly moisture checks of moisture and quality in the stored grain
  • New equipment for the productive management of cargo
  • Free trade zone adjacent to the Terminal
  • Facilities as maritime and fluvial terminal
  • House Inspection in each of the MN for the control of Tarja
  • Palermo strategic intermediate point for plants in Bogota - Bucaramanga - Medellin
  • 24 hour service years 365 days of the year


  • Horizontal Silos type 4-UP TITLE
  • 1500 m² / silo
  • Maximum capacity without mechanization 8000 ton / silo
  • Maximum capacity to 12,000 tons mechanization / silo
  • Shore crane bucket capacity 26 m³ / 18 ton
  • 4 Hoppers: 30 m³ / 26 ton
  • 2 truck scales: 80 ton
  • 13 internal volcano tours charge


  • Port services for loading and unloading bulk cargo
  • Loading of mules
  • Storage Services
  • Quality and Moisture Control
  • Fumigation
  • Plant-Urbane Delivery in Barranquilla
  • Bagging of product in port in bags and big bags
  • Bagging on ship's side
  • Inventory Control
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