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The access channel to the port of Barranquilla has a length of 22 miles from the mouth of the Magdalena River to the Laureano Gómez Bridge, and is the gateway from the Caribbean Sea. In Palermo Sociedad Portuaria, we treated vessels with a draft of 9.80 meters as the AFRICAN FALCON on September 7, 2009.

Advantages of the Magdalena River

The port access is via the mouth of the Magdalena River, a waterway that runs from Bocas de Ceniza, with directional embankments built since 1936, with purpose to remove the sediment bar and to ensure the navigability of the channel. Towards the 90's a directional dam was built, with the First Act of 1991, the national government takes the responsibility for maintaining the depth of 30 feet in the fairway.

The maintenance of the depth of the river depends on its volume, therefore daily bathymetric surveys are conducted to determine specific areas to be dredged and ongoing dredging, ensuring the operational depth of the navigable channel of the Port of Barranquilla, point of entry of private terminals and public of the city.

The ports are settled on the two shores of the mouth of the Rio Grande de la Magdalena, are demonstrating a vocation and multimodal transfer, taking the arrival of ships over 35,000 tons of high tide record.

Thanks to the work of stabilizing the access channel, is expected to have a more significant draft when the hydraulic model stabilizes the directional levees, giving further depth access to the port of Barranquilla.